How Does An Electronic Cigarette Works?

An electronic vaping device, digital vapor device personal vaporizer or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) better known as the electronic cigarette is actually a battery-powered device that stimulates the tobacco’s smoking which Herbert A. Gilbert patented back in 1963. While the e-cig was invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in the year 2003 and this device came into the market the next year.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients or e-juices or e-liquid as it is better known actually contain hundreds of flavors. For the nicotine lovers they can take the nicotine dissolved propylene glycol or vegetarian glycerin, both available with common food additives. For example tobacco/menthol combination resembles the traditional cigarette and some even mimic specific brands. If you want expert advice then they say using propylene glycol has no side-effects on the body since 1950 when it began being used in the asthma inhalers and nebulizer. In fact even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA, has included it as one of the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) substance.

You might be amazed to know the tobacco you smoke has more than 4,000 chemicals, most of them harmful to your health. Even many of the users say e-cigarette provides the same sensation that of smoking but you do not have to blow out smoke.

Electronic cigarette is better known as e-cigarette or e-cigs and are alternates for those who like consuming nicotine. The e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that vaporizes the liquid for the inhaler’s use emitting no smell, smoke or fire. E-cigarettes do not contain the harmful chemicals the traditional cigarettes associate with such as tar and carbon dioxide.

How does an e-cigarette work?

The e-cig is made of three components which are the atomizer, the battery and the cartridge. To know how an electronic cigarette works here is an in-depth on how each part works.

The Atomizer: The most important part of the e-cigarette, the atomizer is the part that turns the liquid into a vapor. This is done by heating the coil that connects with the filter material inside the e-cigarette that holds the e-liquid. One should be cautious as atomizer tends to get very hot so be careful while handling them after use.

The Battery: The batteries come in two types, manual and automatic. And, again there are two types of automatic batteries as well. The manual batteries have a button that engages them where as the automatic batteries engage on the sucking action. In favorites, manual batteries are preferred as they have the ability to pre-heat the atomizer before you take your puff.

The Cartridge: Cartridges or carts are available in prefilled or as blanks (also called cores) without liquid. The carts can be re-used as they come pre-filled with the liquid and can be refilled by purchasing the liquid separately as well. Though cartridges can be re-used they should be cleaned regularly. The life span of the cartridge depends on the model. Super sized mini electronic cigarette have small carts so they offer roughly 2 to 4 cigarette puffs. The mini size e-cigs last roughly 3 to 6 cigarette puffs. The pen-style, pipe cartridges and cigar give about 10 cigarette puffs.

Together these three components make the experience of smoking an electronic cigarette worth remembering.  Ecigs have exploded in popularity along with the online sites that provide online electronic cigarette reviews.

In our opinion, the best option is to invest in one of these starter kits to start testing the waters.  A starter kit is a very affordable way to get started and see if its for you.